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15 Jiby Sexy Love Making Holidays

Alborz Azar

15 Jiby Sexy Love Making Holidays

In 15 Holiday Sexy Love Making, Alborz reveals his irresistible sexy love making with Raha. Readers will find the most sensual lovemaking with a hot sexy girl in rhythm to a new sexy song of the year, “kiss me more.”

During these holidays, the most intimate hot sexy coupling leads to the happiest endings, with Raha on top controlling Alborz angle speed, depth of penetration with his penis in her pussy. However, Anahita disrupts their interlude. The so-called best friend of Raha. During the conversation, Anahita repeatedly tells Raha, she is not a committed girl, which ultimately affects their hot sexy lovemaking world, spoiling the holidays, leading to nagging by Raha. 


Their freedom blast is only interrupted for a short time after Raha overcomes the ordeal and gives Alborz a super sexual blow job. The heroin brings vibrant sexual energy over his penis with her lips like a rolling pin, further sucking, making him drill his penis profoundly deeper in her pussy.  

They parted at the airport, leaving Raha in tears, which Alborz did not expect, “So, let us see where we lead in the sexy Raha series in the future. When am I going to see my hot sexy Raha again? May be read in future books to come???”

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As a truth-teller, Alborz delivers a message, his heroines are optimists, leaving readers with happy expectation. But his favorite topic is exposing scams by the media; initial series uncovers scams by the Indian Government and HUDCO.

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