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Alborz Azar

Alborz Azar

Alborz Azar is an English novelist who imagines himself as a character in his books. His novels focus on delivering the message of love to the readers. His heroines are optimists, and the stories are resolved in a manner that leaves the reader with a feeling of hope and happy expectation. But his favorite topic rests on exposing scams by the media; this first series exposes major scams by the Indian Government and Hudco. Alborz feels strongly about his quest about exposing the scams.

As a truth-teller, Alborz has a goal of being in Guinness World Records by completing 100 books during the second half of his life, like Barbara Cartland, Harold Robbins. His first five novels ‘The RAHA Series’ have been published translated into 24 languages, while he completes more books in this series, ‘Will Love Perish the Pandemic Seperaation In COVID-19’, ‘22 Jiby Sexy Love Making’, ‘After 28th September 2020’.   

Most of Alborz’s romance novels and contemporary women’s fiction, businesses law scam series were completed during COVID-19, the 40-day lockdown. He is definite that these books and forthcoming scam series would premier as a TV series, or movies whether in Bollywood, Hollywood, or other Countries as these books are being distributed worldwide.

The passion Alborz finds for writing was inspired by his Eshgham; the lovely girl Pantea later named Raha. WHO DID IIT was the first of his novels published as part of the RAHA Series. In 2020, Lizzy McNett, his literary agent, and owner of Writers Publishing House, advised him to write a series of interconnected stories, which became known as The Raha Series.

As his passion continued, he came along an interesting story about Pavan Sachdeva, a resident in India, who was struggling through court cases, trying to prove his innocence. While the culprits hide in the shadows, official Supreme Court rulings were seen as frivolous orders by corrupt officers and business executives. Alborz brings light on the scam to reveal the truth that has deprived innocent victims of due justice for decades.

Alborz loves his work so much that nothing would stop him from writing, he gets so engrossed while doing the book that he forgets all around him. The last concern on his mind was whether he’d make money. As soon as he finished one book, he would begin another one. Before long, he started working on four or five at one time. Alborz stated, book writing is like a drug when you get addicted, you forget everything else. The primary goal was always to inspire his readers with hope and the promise of a brighter future.