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n the aftermaths of Dr. Shasha, Alborz faces the reality of losing Pantea. As he struggles with his possessive nature, trying to protect the woman he loves, it puts their relationship under tremendous strain. Pantea tries to explain her affair with the doctor was a one-time incident and after talking it over with Alborz she is under the assumption the matter is closed.

On Pantea’s next birthday, Alborz plans an elaborate trip to celebrate. After arriving, she explains her phone is not working properly, so the two of them go to buy a new iPhone. Pantea realizes he may find out the truth of the relationship with Dr. Sasha, so she takes the invoice with her password from Alborz’s briefcase without his knowledge. In a moment of irrational behavior, Alborz desperately wants to talk with Pantea but knows the conversation will end badly, so he writes a note about his feelings over the situation.


The RAHA Series

In the Raha Series, Alborz finds himself trapped between loving his wife, while endowed to the woman of his dreams. When he tries to profess his love to Pantea, she strongly implies her dislike for falling in love with anyone. As their relationship progresses Alborz continues to declare his undying love. The tides change and Pantea starts using the word love for Alborz.  At least once a week, she openly says she loves him. However, unrevealed secrets place a strain on their bond, and just when Alborz thinks all is well, a random affair with someone is revealed.

In his attempt to repair the damage, Alborz admits he would have died for his beloved if there had been a good reason. He shows how he would have done anything for Pantea’s happiness, even it meant losing everything. In the process he discovers her wisdom is one of a kind, with unmatchable charm unlike any other girl on the planet; truly one in a billion.

Alborz’s horrible mistake is narrated in the second book by using her innocence to expose their relationship to one of her previous boyfriends, eight years before she met Alborz. The consequences thereafter are revealed in the third book. Their relationship teaches him how two people should treat each other, in a way that can only be based on sorting out disagreements through mutual discussions. The RAHA Series is based on Alborz’s life with his Eshgham, as Lana inspires him to write and share his memoirs with the world.


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Alborz Azar has dedicated his first book, ‘WHO DID IIT’ in the series to Pantea (Lana). After his Pantea (Azar’s Eshgham) professed as Lana inspires him to write and share his memoirs with the world, Azar started writing the story after an incident in March 2018. Although, Azar knew that her presence MUST be kept from the limelight, as she likes her personal life private. But he felt the love he had for her was an incredible event that needed to be written on paper. The only other person Alborz ranks higher than Pantea is Rozhan his wife.


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Alborz in the aftermath of Dr. Sasha faces the reality of losing Pantea. As he struggles with his possessive nature, trying to protect the woman he loves, their relationship is put under tremendous strain. Pantea tries to explain her affair with the doctor was a onetime incident, but after talking it over with Alborz she is under the assumption the matter is closed and he will not speak of it again.


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Alborz finds his passion for writing in the third book, AFTERMATHS OF WHO DID IIT AND I DIDD IT when Pantea walks out of his life. The messages come from his experience with the girl and the love for his wife. Alborz continues to support Pantea financially but otherwise, he faces the reality that she may truly be gone from his life forever.


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In the nest chapter of this series, Alborz reveals the truth about what happened during the four months of his and Pantea’s separation. He discovers that her statements have become a reality. By reacting out of desperation, his worst fears almost came true.  At which time, Rohzan demonstrates karma has significant ramifications. She proves her possessive behavior and becomes shellfish of Alborz.

The HUDCO Land Scam Series

HUDCO is a one-of-a-kind foundation with its saying of Productivity with Social Justice. A Public Sector Company, under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), HUDCO has been critical collaborates with the Government in building resources for the Nation. In its activities, HUDCO lays a significant accentuation on the lodging need of the denied that is Low-Income Groups (LIG) and Economically Weaker Sections (EWS).

The company Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO), the paramount techno-financing government sector enterprise, in the field of lodging and foundation advancement in our country. With an approved capital of Rs 2,500 crore, as on date, HUDCO has a settled-up value of Rs. 2,001.90 Crore.

 In the HUDCO Scam Series by Alborz Azar, the man unfolds some intriguing scams over the past two decades that will turn the tables in India’s history.  The land scam involves the trade of agriculture between the corporates honchos and urban landholders, all combating into the debatable conversation to protected power over the most precious lands in the country.  Andrews Ganj Land is in the heart of capital of India New Delhi.

Alborz Azar has also exposed unwavering facts about the Delhi Andrews Ganj Land Scam that has taken the capital of India by storm. In Webster’s Dictionary, the word dupe or scam in a real sense intends to misdirect somebody in extortion. For this situation, one of the persons who were harmed in the trick was Pavan Sachdeva. The underlying plan drove MS Shoes to mind-boggling legitimate procedures that cost Pavan a quarter-century battling to get the monies MS Shoes paid to HUDCO because of different deceptions and covering material realities. Yet at the same time, no cash was gotten while hanging tight for a choice by the Supreme Court due to the debate between the public authority and HUDCO.

The journey gave Pavan a lesson on how to expose the bureaucracy, a political system that often plays under the table dishonest games. In his years of experience as a lawyer, he stated that felt the legal system is another cliché area that must be repaired to make sure that justice happens on time; which is the only one set of laws where every individual is held accountable in the same way. Want to know in detail about the scam you must scour the internet to grab some more information.




MS Shoes Series

The MS Shoes Fall Series Book One uncovers the initial phase of Pavan Sachdeva’s rise to fame. As the story progresses, one thing becomes apparent: you cannot judge a book by its cover. Alborz, in the meantime, is committed to exposing the fraudulent activity that caused one man so much unjust anguish.

Pavan Sachdeva’s family moved from Pakistan when the country was divided during the independence. Following in his father’s footsteps, Pavan started as a small manufacturer of shoes in 1975 supplying to Bata. As his knowledge expanded, Pavan switched to exports and grew to an enormous company after establishing MS Shoes East Limited in 1986. MS Shoes became the largest exporter of shoes from India to Western European countries, which were hard currency areas, not to mention the boost it provided to India’s economy.

The same man accused of underhanded dealings fulfilled his debts due to these deceptive lies, with no compensation for the legally awarded settlement. Alborz proves how Pavan’s commitment not only caused financial stress on his family, but mental anxiety dealing with this issue for over two decades.

Yet, rulings go unanswered, Hudco ignores legal court findings to repay the ill-gotten monies from MS Shoes. The only response is more excuses as to why the court decisions have not been met by Hudco.

As the culprits hide in the shadows, Pavan struggled through court case after court case, proving his innocence. Official Supreme Court rulings were seen as frivolous orders to corrupt officers and business executives. Alborz brings light on the scam to reveal the truth that has deprived innocent victims of due justice for decades.

Pavan Struggling

Book 1

In the MS Shoes Fall Series by Alborz Azar, he reveals another side of Pavan Sachdeva. After the completion of the HUDCO Scam series, Alborz decided it was time to shed light on the man who had spent twenty-five years defending his innocence along with exposing the many scams in India. As an English attorney, Alborz understood first-hand the trials of handling large court cases regularly in the U.K. During their thirty-minute zoom conversation Alborz agreed that Pavan had always been committed to following honest business tactics, and agreed to write about his story.

Alborz Azar

Alborz Azar

Alborz Azar is an English novelist who imagines himself as a character in his books. His novels focus on delivering the message of love to the readers. His heroines are optimists, and the stories are resolved in a manner that leaves the reader with a feeling of hope and happy expectation. But his favorite topic rests on exposing scams by the media; this first series exposes major scams by the Indian Government and Hudco. Alborz feels strongly about his quest about exposing the scams.

As a truth-teller, Alborz has a goal of being in Guinness World Records by completing 100 books during the second half of his life, like Barbara Cartland, Harold Robbins. His first five novels ‘The RAHA Series’ have been published translated into 24 languages, while he completes more books in this series, ‘Will Love Perish the Pandemic Seperaation In COVID-19’, ‘22 Jiby Sexy Love Making’, ‘After 28th September 2020’.

Most of Alborz’s romance novels and contemporary women’s fiction, businesses law scam series were completed during COVID-19, the 40-day lockdown. He is definite that these books and forthcoming scam series would premier as a TV series, or movies whether in Bollywood, Hollywood, or other Countries as these books are being distributed worldwide.

The passion Alborz finds for writing was inspired by his Eshgham; the lovely girl Pantea later named Raha. WHO DID IIT was the first of his novels published as part of the RAHA Series. In 2020, Lizzy McNett, his literary agent, and owner of Writers Publishing House, advised him to write a series of interconnected stories, which became known as The Raha Series.

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