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The HUDCO Land Scam Series

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India land scams

HUDCO is a one-of-a-kind foundation with its saying of Productivity with Social Justice. A Public Sector Company, under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), HUDCO has been critical collaborates with the Government in building resources for the Nation. In its activities, HUDCO lays a significant accentuation on the lodging need of the denied that is Low-Income Groups (LIG) and Economically Weaker Sections (EWS).

The company Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO), the paramount techno-financing government sector enterprise, in the field of lodging and foundation advancement in our country. With an approved capital of Rs 2,500 crore, as on date, HUDCO has a settled-up value of Rs. 2,001.90 Crore.

 In the HUDCO Scam Series by Alborz Azar, the man unfolds some intriguing scams over the past two decades that will turn the tables in India’s history.  The land scam involves the trade of agriculture between the corporates honchos and urban landholders, all combating into the debatable conversation to protected power over the most precious lands in the country.  Andrews Ganj Land is in the heart of capital of India New Delhi.

Alborz Azar has also exposed unwavering facts about the Delhi Andrews Ganj Land Scam that has taken the capital of India by storm. In Webster’s Dictionary, the word dupe or scam in a real sense intends to misdirect somebody in extortion. For this situation, one of the persons who were harmed in the trick was Pavan Sachdeva. The underlying plan drove MS Shoes to mind-boggling legitimate procedures that cost Pavan a quarter-century battling to get the monies MS Shoes paid to HUDCO because of different deceptions and covering material realities. Yet at the same time, no cash was gotten while hanging tight for a choice by the Supreme Court due to the debate between the public authority and HUDCO.

The journey gave Pavan a lesson on how to expose the bureaucracy, a political system that often plays under the table dishonest games. In his years of experience as a lawyer, he stated that felt the legal system is another cliché area that must be repaired to make sure that justice happens on time; which is the only one set of laws where every individual is held accountable in the same way. Want to know in detail about the scam you must scour the internet to grab some more information.


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As a truth-teller, Alborz delivers a message, his heroines are optimists, leaving readers with happy expectation. But his favorite topic is exposing scams by the media; initial series uncovers scams by the Indian Government and HUDCO.

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