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Andrews Ganj Scam


HUDCO Land Scam Series

In the Andrews Ganj Scam the heterogeneous magnitude of the scandals has always raised questions about the plausible, transparent, and responsive Indian Government policies in different eras. So many of these scams have ripped off the entire economy of India over the years.

The Bofors scandal of 1980 & the 90s for about Rs. 150 crores (US Dollar 85.71 million) known as the hallmark of Indian corruption. The Bofors scam was a major corruption scandal in India in the 1980s; when the then PM Rajiv Gandhi and several others, including a powerful NRI family named the Hinduja, alleged as accused of receiving kickbacks from Bofors AB for winning a bid to supply India’s 155 mm field howitzer. Most of all, the Bofors scam had a strong emotional appeal because it was a scam related to the defense services and India’s security interests.



The Hawala case to the tune of US Dollar 18 million bribery scandal in 1990-1991 for about Rs. 100 crores (US Dollar 43.97 million) which came in the open in 1996, involved payments allegedly received by the country’s leading politicians through hawala brokers. Thus, for the first time in Indian politics, it gave a feeling of open loot all around the public, involving all the major political players being accused of having accepted bribes and also alleged connections about payments being channeled to Hizbul Mujahideen militants in Kashmir.

The question is how Hudco has received the buy product “Hudco Place” at Andrews Ganj constructing illegal properties, violating all the laws of the country in the shadow of the Congress Government resulting in a third time Scam of the Andrews Ganj land. Who else will be scammed by HUDCO? The biggest scam of Andrews Ganj goes undisclosed to date. It still awaits the mayhem in the world of the public sector. In the next books, we will see how skillfully Hudco along with the Ministry of Urban Affairs dupes which corporate.    

What is disappointing to see is the pattern of the Government, Bureaucrats, Public Sectors duping the public at large by building unauthorized constructions and getting away under the name of the legal game. Government fraud in the public sectors goes scot-free under the system created in the Country.

While notorious builders will go to jail, they do not catch the games by officers of the public sector in power. If a private builder builds an unauthorized construction, they demolish the same and the sufferer would be allotted those buildings. The builder’s resultantly would be liable to go behind bars. But in India it is not wrong if a public sector company holds the funds collected for the unauthorized constructions and the installments paid by the buyers, it has not held them to be liable to refund and neither are they liable for punishment under the criminal law as they are the Government companies.