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Bureaucrats Disputed Bjp Government Ratification of Andrews Ganj Land Scam
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Bureaucrats Disputed Bjp Government Ratification of Andrews Ganj Land Scam


Bureaucrats Disputed Bjp Government Ratification of Andrews Ganj Land Scam

The next phase of the Land Scam series discusses HUDCO and the Government’s discriminatory treatment of Ansals vis-à-vis MS Shoes. However, the scene did not change until 2010, when the courts acknowledged the discriminatory treatment of the situation.


In 1997, the court observed the discriminatory treatment and negative attitude of HUDCO towards MS Shoes. The extensions of installments were granted to Ansals, but were refused the same due process to MS Shoes. During these years, HUDCO concealed information in their files, while approving these interest-free extensions granted to Ansals. The amount of latitude toward other companies involved is astonishing.



The book unfolds how Leela Hotels could not get building plans for constructing the hotel, nor approval of the land. As legal matters continue, Leela Hotels could not pay, the third installment, meaning the mortgage could not be allowed as the land was subjudice, due to the pending suit of MS Shoes. In 1999 an Arbitrator was assigned to oversee the breach of contract. Leela Hotels withdrew and returned the possession of the Five-Star Hotel land in 1999, whereby resulted outcomes granted by the Supreme Court, have not been satisfied.

In conclusion, corruption is shown throughout the series, scandals brought into the light along with discriminatory treatment to MS Shoes. The amounts include the misuse of MS Shoes Money Rs. 68.68 Crores (US Dollar 21.89 million) for 25 years Obtained Fraudulently by HUDCO/Congress Government. HUDCO and Government continued to earn interest @ 18% p.a. compounded. quarterly, and earned Rs.5000 crores They also appreciated the properties now worth more than Rs. 5000 Crores (US Dollar 666.67 million) and enjoyed the possession simultaneously.

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  • Ajay Shukla

    The complete series from writers publishing house unfolds the corruption and fraud done by HUDCO/ government officials. Leela Hotels and MS shoe owners are still grappling with the repercussion caused. Read the book for more details.

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