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HUDCO Scammed Leela Hotels as well – Refunded Entire Amount with Contractual Compounded Interest

HUDCO Scammed Leela Hotels as well - Refunded Entire Amount with Contractual Compounded Interest

In the next edition of the HUDCO Land Scam Series, HUDCO scammed Leela Hotels but refunded the entire amount with contractual compounded interest. The parallel scene! Dramatic personae: Government of India: Indian Economy: Land appreciations: HUDCO growth with MS Shoes money: Most Precious Andrews Ganj Land in the heart of Delhi: Leela Hotels: Ansals.

A business deal outside the law can only be called a scam once it is exposed to the public. In this series of books, the truth is being exposed about the missed dealings of the Congress Government, along with HUDCO defrauding MS Shoes in Andrews Ganj Land Scam. In the next few books, it will be shown how someone’s genius cheating strategy will expose a wrath of scams.

HUDCO Scam cannot be classified as a Stock Market Scam but as a Land Scam of Andrews Ganj Land. Of which remains unutilized since the independence of India. The Supreme Court came to rescue earlier on two Scams of Andrews Ganj land, but the third Scam of Andrews Ganj land by HUDCO remains unexposed.

The Andrews Ganj land constructions caused HUDCO to charge 17% interest on already made investments. In closed-door meetings, discussion proceeded about the properties not selling. Plus, the incredible interest balance being incurred by the Government. The land allotment to HUDCO was not ratified by the Cabinet, as it had been given without following business transaction rules of the Government. Nor has advice from the Ministry of Finance or Ministry of Law been followed at the relevant time.

In 1989, HUDCO, who cheated MS Shoes in 1994-1995, earned Rs. Five thousand crores (US Dollars 657.89 million) on the money fraudulently received, and deliberately concealed the material facts. HUDCO/Government continues to enjoy the amount received from MS Shoes for 25 years, not to mention enjoying possession of the properties and appreciation totaling Rs. Five thousand crores (US Dollars 657.89 million).


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