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The RAHA Series

Alborz Azar



Alborz finds his passion for writing in the third book, AFTERMATHS OF WHO DID IIT AND I DIDD IT when Pantea walks out of his life. The messages come from his experience with the girl and the love for his wife. Alborz continues to support Pantea financially, but otherwise, he faces the reality that she may truly be gone forever. After trying to pacify her anger and patch the relationship, she is determined to leave for her country. When Alborz relinquishes his desire to fix everything, Pantea tells him that “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND.” The message reveals what you sow, so you shall reap.

Since Alborz is committed to reuniting, he does some soul searching. He quickly learns how precious his relationship was with Pantea, and he may find no one else who could take her place. As fate arranges an unexpected invitation, she invites him to dinner. They agree to meet on August 10th at 7:30 pm.

In an attempt to sway the outcome, Alborz is nervous, so he brings Forever Rose Flowers packed in a transparent box that stays fresh for the next five to ten years. Inside, he carefully stashed five hidden cards, each one with a question for Pantea to answer. The final card begged that she must please stay in the country., pub-2633339728981186, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0