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In the aftermaths of Dr. Shasha, Alborz faces the reality of losing Pantea. As he struggles with his possessive nature, trying to protect the woman he loves, it puts their relationship under tremendous strain. Pantea tries to explain her affair with the doctor was a one-time incident and after talking it over with Alborz she is under the assumption the matter is closed.

On Pantea’s next birthday, Alborz plans an elaborate trip to celebrate. After arriving, she explains her phone is not working properly, so the two of them go to buy a new iPhone. Pantea realizes he may find out the truth of the relationship with Dr. Sasha, so she takes the invoice with her password from Alborz’s briefcase without his knowledge. In a moment of irrational behavior, Alborz desperately wants to talk with Pantea but knows the conversation will end badly, so he writes a note about his feelings over the situation.

At the end of their trip, before Alborz departs on a plane, he hands her a note expressing his feelings. Pantea takes the words just as feared and calls, crying angrily. As she assumed, they had resolved the matter. Grief-stricken, Pantea keeps to herself for the next several weeks, before she agrees to meet with Alborz.

In Bangalore, Pantea clarified once again her feelings on the matter, and she agreed to make love and forgive Alborz. However, the situation left a mark on his heart, for he loved Pantea in the eyes of a teenager; lust and passion. After about eighteen months, the couple is in Venice having dinner and Pantea excuses herself to the restroom. She is gone a considerable amount of time before she returned to the table with an unbelievable explanation. Alborz immediately assumes she is hiding her actions and is determined to know the details.

Alborz ignores her lie for about eight months, then contacts Misa after seeing a picture of them on Pantea’s phone. When anger overtakes the situation Alborz in a possessive frame of mind sends a detailed note to Misa while informing Pantea of his actions. Now, Misa is a cool fucker and did not respond to the note. However, Pantea fired back instantly and ended their relationship.

Pantea later explained that love is not possessive like Alborz believes. He learns to understand that her love differs from what most men believe around the world. In the next book of the series, AFTERMATH OF WHO DID IT AND I DID IT, he flips the outcome and once again wins her heart.